Premium pre-batch Spirits for Authentic Sips.

Curated Cocktails, Crafted for You.

From the invigorating kick of the classic Margarita to the bold layers of our Cosmopolitan, every cocktail from Authentic Batching Co. offers a unique story.

The Bramble

Infused with Gilly’s Gin and Steinbok Parfait Amour, our Bramble is simplicity refined. Just add lemon and get ready to pour these all night long.

Espresso Martini

Perfectly balanced with a secret cold press extraction, our Espresso Martini is a true ready-to-pour. Just shake and garnish with coffee beans for the easiest Espresso Martini.

Pornstar Martini

This tantalising blend of Stoli Vanil Vodka and passionfruit is a showstopper. Add fresh passionfruit and a splash of lime for a truly effortless cocktail experience.

Long Island Iced Tea

A harmonious mix of the classic five whites, pre-batched for consistency and ease. Add lemon, top with cola, and enjoy the timeless taste, instantly and all night long.


The quintessential Cosmo, pre-mixed with premium Stoli Vodka and Steinbok Triple Sec. Add fresh cranberry and lime to usher in the crisp, tart edge of this beloved cocktail.

The Margarita

Crafted with Rooster Rojo Tequila and Steinbok Triple Sec, our Margarita mix demands only fresh lime to achieve the iconic and always popular cocktail.

Collaborations that Celebrate Craftsmanship.

This exceptional range of pre-batch cocktails is the fruit of our collaboration with other premium spirit distilleries, ensuring each bottle is a symphony of the finest ingredients and expert blending. We’ve leveraged our own 27 years of distilling at Norman Yates Distillery, and connected with like-minded peers to develop pre-batch cocktails that redefine convenience without sacrificing quality. Designed to streamline the cocktail-making process by 75%, the Authentic Batching Co. ensures reliability and consistency, simplifying and elevating the cocktail experience.

Ready to shake things up?

At Authentic Batching Co, we redefine the cocktail experience by combining exceptional quality with unparalleled convenience. Discover the luxury of premium cocktails prepared in moments, guaranteed to deliver every time.

Shake, Pour, Serve.

Let’s talk numbers

One of the highest cost-per-serve beverages in a bar is the cocktail. They can be costly in ingredients, in labour and training. But with Authentic Batching Co, we take out the guesswork in ingredients, we shorten the labour time, and we reduce training requirements. Even your newest team member will be able to make these sought-after cocktails in seconds!

Trusted by the Best.

“Our overall experience with Authentic Batching Co has been great. The service is prompt, and the pre-batch cocktails have streamlined our operations, significantly reducing wait times and lowering staff stress. Our customers consistently praise the quality of the cocktails, and I’ve seen a notable improvement in efficiency and ease of preparation. I definitely recommend these batched cocktails to other venues for their ability to enhance menu offerings while keeping operations smooth and stress-free.”

Keegan Malick – Duty Manager at Caves Coastal Bar and Bungalows

“Our experience with Authentic Batching Co has been incredibly positive, primarily due to the convenience and consistency it brings. Our staff can easily manage cocktail preparations without sacrificing quality. Our customers have shown a clear preference for ABC Cocktails over other brands, appreciating their quality and consistency. With ABC, we’ve significantly cut down on wait times, maintaining high standards even during busy periods. I wholeheartedly recommend these batched cocktails for any establishment seeking consistent quality, reduced wait times, and ease of preparation that empowers all staff members, not just skilled mixologists, to craft excellent cocktails.”

Olivia Bennet – Marketing & Operations at The Entrance Leagues Club